As MoonTree operates within the realm of art, ecology, and spirituality, there is always a wide array and diversity of opportunities when working with us. In addition to introducing our volunteers and interns to new creative expressions, ecological paradigms, and spiritual traditions, we encourage them to initiate their own studies and projects as a means of service. From hanging art exhibits to identifying and collecting native prairie seeds to participating in the creation and maintenance of sacred spaces, MoonTree volunteers receive a broad exposure to our ministry and are encouraged and empowered to discover their own individual way of serving so that the ripples they generate might be distinctly authentic to them.


MoonTree Studios, a ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, challenges people to experience mindfulness as they fearlessly explore the interconnectedness of art, nature, and the Spirit within. Through participation in MoonTree experiences people awaken to their creative potential and sow the seeds for a more mindful, compassionate and sustainable Earth Community.