From the June 2017 Immersion Volunteers:

“I enjoyed meeting the Sisters and the other volunteers. I enjoyed helping out with activities and learning new skills. I loved learning the history of the chapel and visiting the Sisters’ homes. I enjoyed the small group prayer times and the owl prow! I know I’ve become a lot closer to Jesus and this helped me with my discernment.” – Amy Wegrzyn

“I appreciated having 1-2 days with each of the mission areas to get a fuller appreciation for the work and the Sisters…It was wonderful to participate with many of the Sisters in their daily prayer, celebrations and community.” – Claudia Johnson

“I felt It was an excellent balance of activity, community and quiet time…” – Claudia Johnson

“My experience with the program provided me with greater insights, both of the PHJC community and of myself. Through our time together, there was a trust and an opening of the heart – a subtle shift in my receptiveness to the Spirit. I look forward to future opportunities to engage with this program.” – Claudia Johnson

“There were so many good experiences. I like the prayer/reflection times and glad there was time for that. I like…”breaking bread” in all the different living communities. There were so many good things about MoonTree: the planting of trees, the working in the woods, learning new skills, working in community to achieve a common goal.” – Teresa Cecil

“This felt like “heaven on earth.” As I soaked in all of the nature, it truly felt like I was walking on sacred ground. It reminds me of the Transfiguration…This was a mountain top experience where I came face-to-face with the Divine…” – Teresa Cecil

From the December 2016 Immersion Volunteers:

“I liked seeing and interacting with people as we worked. The people made the job into a prayer and sacred moment with the God within them.”

“I grew personally and spiritually by seeing God in the ordinary moment. I saw myself grow throughout the days as I began to notice beautiful and sacred moments during the planned activities.”

In this experience, I “learned about my desire to live more simply.”

From Libby Riggs on her volunteer year:

“This year has helped me to realize that even if you ‘do small things with great love,’ they really do matter!” “God has gifted me with the ability to set aside this year to live in the openness of the Spirit. I have grown in learning that the voice of my heart is truly the God within that, when kept open, leads to a path God has set forth.”