We believe the person who founded our community, Catherine Kasper, was profoundly humble and simple.
Those engaged in Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ ministries express these virtues in their work.
We believe simplicity is the quality of singleness of purpose in one’s life.
We believe in the wise use and care for all resources.
We believe humble and simple persons rejoice in their gifts and the giftedness of others.

We believe all life on the planet is sacred and deserves respect and protection.
We believe human life is sacred throughout all stages of existence from conception to death.
We believe each person deserves respect and affirmation regardless of race, creed, sex, age, sexual orientation, status or ability.
We believe each person has rights and responsibilities and must be respected and treated fairly.

We believe in responding to the needs of the time.
We believe justice demands advocacy on behalf of those in need.
We believe the mission of Jesus calls us to be faithful to the Catholic Church’s social principles.
We believe our ministry is adapted to the needs of others. We believe we are willing to serve wherever the needs arise.
We believe we will respond to challenges of the future, which will lead us to new ways of ministry.

We believe in a faith-filled commitment to collaborate with others who embrace and share a common mission.
We believe PHJC ministry demands advocacy on behalf of justice.
We believe in attentive listening and courageous response.
We believe sharing ministry and nurturing leadership contributes to peace and love in the world.
We believe we will work most harmoniously with others who recognize and accept the truth of our gifts and limitations.