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Sr. Connie Bach, PHJC

Sr. Connie Bach, PHJC

Co-Director PHJC Volunteer Program
Tuesday, 04 July 2017 19:20

Making a Difference in a Broken World

This winter the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Volunteer Program is hosting an immersion experience for woman 18 years and older to experience service with the PHJC ministries and to discern a life of service as single, married or religious! Room and board is included along with prayer, service, community building and FUN! Come see how you can make a difference working alongside the Sisters in ministries serving the poor and marginalized in northwest Indiana and Chicago as well as at our Motherhouse in Donaldson, IN. Experience first-hand how you can make a difference in our broken world today! Visit our website at phjcvolprogram.org to learn more about our program and ministries. Contact Sr. Connie Bach for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thursday, 09 February 2017 20:44

Immersed in Sacred Moments

Despite the winter weather and rush of the holidays, four enthusiastic volunteers joined us for the December 27 – 30 for an immersion experience with the PHJC Volunteer Program. This collaborative venture with PHJC ministries, co-workers and Sisters forged new understandings of our mission and core values lived out individually and collectively.

Involved in the efforts were six ministries: Moon Tree, Lindenwood, Ancilla College, Catherine’s Cottage, the Catherine Kasper Home and Environmental Services. The volunteers and co-directors of the program were moved by the touching stories of Sisters and co-workers who have lived our core values for decades! In addition, the volunteers shared how moved they were as well that the Sisters stayed right with and worked right alongside them in these ministries, mutually sharing God’s presence in each moment.

Two testimonials shared from volunteers were:

“I liked seeing and interacting with people as we worked. The people made the job into a prayer and sacred moment with the God within them.” -Mercylynn Mbuguah, 19

“I grew personally and spiritually by seeing God in the ordinary moment. I saw myself grow throughout the days as I began to notice beautiful and sacred moments during the planned activities.” -Olivia Ely, 19

Our next immersion experience will be held June 6-11 (scroll down for the Save-the-Date card). Please consider sharing time with us and/or share the information provided in our advertisement here within!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 19:20

Summer Immersion

From June 26 - July 1, three charismatic women joined Sisters Connie Bach and Marybeth Martin for an immersion experience of PHJC ministries in the Donaldson, Northwest Indiana and Chicago areas. Not just volunteering, these women were imerssed in and witnessed the PHJC core values, mercy and social justice. They learned first-hand what it means to “walk in Catherine’s shoes.”

Sisters Katie Bobber, Mary Kevin Ryan and Michelle Dermody housed the group at St. Henry Convent in Chicago. Each day the group began with morning prayer and traveled to various ministries, including Bethany Retreat House and Nazareth Home in East Chicago, Earthworks, MoonTree Studios and Catherine Kasper Home in Donaldson, Casa Catalina in Chicago, Salvation Army through HealthVisions Midwest in Hammond, and Sojourner Truth House in Gary.

Volunteers had opportunities to work directly with individuals seeking simple basic necessities, including, food, clothing, shelter, preventative healthcare, child care and presence with the elderly. Volunteers also worked with their hands organizing, moving furniture, packing food bags, mulching trees, pulling weeds and working with the earth.

Meals were shared with the Sisters in each area, and evening prayers and reflections on the day’s events were shared.

PHJC long-term volunteer, Libby Riggs, shared: “What a great week of building community with other volunteers, the people we served and those who serve in these ministries every day. I’ll be processing this week in my mind for weeks. What a great opportunity. Thanks to Sisters Connie Bach and Marybeth Martin for planning the details and for the support of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ for sponsoring it.”

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 15:31

An Update from the PHJC Volunteer Program

volunteerThe PHJC Volunteer Program continues to connect women with our ministries for volunteer opportunities to live in intentional community with our Sisters while offering their gifts and talents to those in need.

Meet Ellie Sink! She served as a short-term volunteer, sharing her compassion and energies at Sojourner Truth House for three weeks. Ellie is 21 years old and hails from Davenport, Iowa. She has been studying in Florida but offered her services while on summer break before heading to Ireland for a retreat.

Ellie was a GREAT asset to Sojourner and hopes to return for a longer stay in the future. We are grateful for her presence and enthusiasm!

Here is a poem Ellie wrote about her experience at Sojourner Truth House. Thank you, Ellie, for your spirit, your courage and your presence in our lives!